Feldenkrais & Yoga

Feldenkrais & Yoga Workshop

Saturday 16th September 1 – 3pm

I’m looking forward to teaching a Feldenkrais & Yoga workshop this Saturday, 16th September 2023 at Hands on Health Yoga Studio in Sheffield.  Those of you who have come to my classes or workshops will know that I’m passionate about people finding easy ways to experience pain-free movement. The Feldenkrais approach helps you to understand how your body works best. Sometimes a simple adjustment makes a difficult yoga pose easy and elegant . This workshop is open to non members of Hands on Health, please contact them to book on 07714 785 431 or email me here Come along and find out more!

Special Summer Offer

Helping to ease shoulders


20% Off All Sessions During August 2023

Now that the summer is here, I hope you will have more time for a little self-care and I’d like to help you with that. The Feldenkrais Method is a perfect way to re-connect with your body and to ease out tension, stiffness or that general sense of imbalance that comes from poor posture or injury. In a 1:1 session (called Functional Integration) I work with you on specific issues such as back ache, stiff shoulders and neck or poor coordination and misalignment.

During August 2023, I am offering a limited amount of appointments at a special reduced price:

£45 £36 – that’s 20% off!

These appointments will go quickly so don’t hesitate to try out this special treatment for yourself.


Friday 4th August : 12.30; 1.45; 3.00pm

Monday 7th August: 11.15 am; 12.30pm

Monday 14th August: 10.00; 11.15 am; 12.30 pm

Friday 18th August: 12.30; 1.45; 3.00pm

Monday 21st August: 10.00; 11.15 am; 12.30 pm.

Fear of Falling?

Fear of Falling? A sense of balance and coordination promotes confidence as well as helping you to move gracefully and efficiently. On Saturday 11th February 2023, as part of the Restore Your Body series, I am teaching a new course “Fear of Falling”. This is a new 4 week course that will improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Balance and coordination are vital for everyday life as well as when playing your favourite sport, trotting out a tango or finding stillness in your yoga poses. Discover your sense of centre and sort out your left from your right, release body tension and discover a connection through your whole body.

Venue: All Saints Church Hall, Ringinglow Road, Sheffield S11 7PP

Booking link: https://MIndfulBodyclasses.as.me/?appointmentType=39890842

Classes and Workshops for Spring 2023!

University of Lincoln Dance Students

What is The Feldenkrais Method? I’m running a taster session this Saturday 4th February 10-11am at All Saints Church Hall. If you book onto this, you get £10 off the cost of the following mini course, “Fear of Falling. Booking link for taster: https://MIndfulBodyclasses.as.me/?appointmentType=16447505

Building Resilience for Uncertain Times

“Nothing is permanent about our behaviour patterns except our belief that they are so”
– Moshe Feldenkrais 

I think that many of us will look back on 2022 as a time of great change and turbulence. It is increasingly important that we can find some sense of stability and control when outside events seem so uncertain. Personally, I am very grateful that I have some things that I can turn to in order to build my sense of resilience and inner calm one of those is my regular practice of self awareness through The Feldenkrais Method.

How can exploring physical movement help with anxiety? The Feldenkrais Method encourages self acceptance and the notion that change is possible.  Although we cannot always change outside events, we can develop a mindset that helps deal with feelings of being overwhelmed. In every Feldenkrais class, you are encouraged to explore a simple pattern of movement, perhaps reaching with one arm or pushing with a foot in order to connect to the pelvis. Gradually, more variations are introduced and you have the chance to explore how your body can respond positively to new patterns and levels of complexity. As you progress through the session, you will discover how your whole body can be engaged, giving a sense of connectivity, grace and yes, power. Because we practice these movements without stress or a sense of competition, the nervous system is calmer and the mind refreshed.

At the end of a Feldenkrais class, you will feel more connected to yourself and you will have built some inner resources that can sustain you.

“In order to change our mode of action, we must change the image of ourselves that we carry within us.”
– Moshe Feldenkrais

If you would like to take part in a live Feldenkrais class, it’s not too late to book!

The Feldenkrais mini courses continue next week with the start of  Restore Your Body: Jaw, Neck and Shoulders. In times of stress and anxiety, it is easy to develop unconscious habits of holding and clenching – particularly in the jaw and around the shoulders. This leads to discomfort, pain and restricted movement which in turn increases anxiety and stress. Break this circular habit by exploring a set of focussed Feldenkrais lessons designed to release tension and find better and more integrated ways of moving.

Each Restore Your Body course is for four weeks’ duration and follows a specific theme.

Here are the available dates for this year: 
Restore Your Body 2: Jaw, Neck & Shoulders. 12th, 19th, 26th November & 3rd December 2022.
Restore Your Body 3: Balance & Coordination. 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th January 2023.

You can book one or all of these courses by  clicking this link . All RYB classes are recorded and are available to attendees. If you can’t attend class in person, it is possible to purchase the audio recordings only.

Restore Your Body mini courses are £30 for the four weeks. Audio only recordings are £25

Watching the Flowers Grow…

My September newsletter is finally out! It’s been a busy year so far but I’m looking forward to teaching my new Autumn schedule of classes and mini courses. You can sign up for my monthly newsletter by going to the Contact page. Here’s a sample of this month’s edition: https://mailchi.mp/a0193238c9c2/first-saturday-workshops-6098901


Feldenkrais Short Courses 2022

Here we are in April and I hope that 2022 has been kind to you so far. This year, I’ve enjoyed meeting and teaching newcomers to the Feldenkrais Method as well as the lovely “regulars” who have been enjoying my classes and workshops. 

In January, I launched a new series of Feldenkrais short courses: Restore Your Body. These four week programmes focus on a specific theme, such as tension in the neck and shoulders, so we get the opportunity to really explore how The Feldenkrais Method can release unhelpful patterns of movement and produce some real physical change.

Third in the series is: Restore Your Body: Hips and Pelvis and this starts on Saturday 23rd April from 10 – 11am at Room 4, All Saints Church Ecceshall. The dates are: 23rd & 30th April, 7th & 14th May.

The fourth in the Restore Your Body series is: Restore Your Body: Balance & Coordination. Dates are 11th,18th, 25th June and 2nd July 2022.

Each short course will be 4 x 1 hour sessions on a Saturday morning and by the end of the four weeks, you will feel a real benefit to your body. Class recordings will be available after each live session.

Venue: Room 4, All Saints Ecceshall, Ringinglow Road, Sheffield S11 7PP.

The price is just £30 for one course, buy both for £50. You can pay by bank transfer, card or PayPal. Please click here to email me your booking.

“My shoulders have dropped a mile – thank you!”

“My feet feel so soft and flexible, it’s like power walking on clouds!”

“Each session built on the last one, I feel that I have really learnt something about how my body works.”

Feldenkrais Short Courses for 2022

I hope you’re well and 2022 is proving to be a positive time for you.
I’m delighted to say that this year began very positively for me when I introduced the new Feldenkrais short courses. For some time now, I felt that people could benefit from focussing on a single topic over a period of weeks. In January, I launched the first in this series – “Restore Your body: Freeing the Neck and Shoulders”. It was lovely to see people in a live class where I could offer personalised help and support; Feldenkrais online works well but there is nothing to beat the in-person experience!

If you missed out on attending this course, here is a link to one of the classes, you can get an idea of what you missed:
The next course in this series “Restore Your Body: Feet, Knees & Ankles” will start on Saturday 26 February. The following sessions will be on 5, 19 March & 2 April 2022. 
The third “Restore Your Body: Releasing the Hips & Pelvis” will be on 23rd & 30th April, 7th & 14th May.

Each short course will be 4 x 1 hour sessions on a Saturday morning and by the end of the four weeks, you will feel a real benefit to your body.

Venue: Room 4, All Saints Ecceshall, Ringinglow Road, Sheffield S11 7PP.

The price is just £30 for one course, buy both for £50. You can pay by bank transfer, card or PayPal. Please click here to email me your booking.

Just think – by making a simple 4 hour commitment,  your body will feel more flexible and invigorated!

New Short Courses for 2022!

I’m very excited to be offering a new Feldenkrais course this year! “Restore Your Body” is a series of 4 live weekly sessions that focus on a certain topic, e.g. Releasing Tension in the Neck and Shoulders; Releasing Stiffness in Feet and Ankles. Each session builds on the previous one so you have the opportunity to explore the topic in greater depth and discover a real change in your body. Sessions will be recorded so that attendees can revisit the session again and again.
Course 1 starts tomorrow, 15th January! There are some spaces left so it’s not too late to book now! Here’s the link: https://MIndfulBodyclasses.as.me/?appointmentType=26451190

Self-care for 2022

Happy New Year to you!
I hope that you’ve had a chance to rest and relax over the festive season. Feldenkrais classes start again this week so it’s a chance to get into a routine of self-care for 2022.
If you’re not ready to come back to live classes, Wednesday Feldy Online continues at 6-7pm. This weekly online session explores a range of classic Feldenkrais lessons that help reduce muscle tension and improve your range of movement.  The drop-in rate is £8.00 and you can book here . Alternatively, you can buy a Class Pass which is valid for 12 weeks – that’s five classes for £35. Please email me to get this.
I’ve created a new live Feldenkrais course for people to try! The “Restore Your Body” course is for four sessions where you’ll get the opportunity to delve a little deeper into a theme. Many of the Feldenkrais lessons address a certain subject, e.g. stiff shoulders, flexibility in the spine. I’ve put together four lessons on one topic only so that you can feel the real benefit and change from a concentrated approach.
The first course is ‘Relieving Tension in the Neck and Shoulders”, the dates are:

15th, 22nd, 29th January and 5th February 2022

​The second course is “Releasing Stiffness in the Feet and Ankles”, the dates are:
19th, 26th February and 5th, 12th March.
One four-week course is just £30 or buy both courses for £50. Email me to book or ask any
Venue: Room 4, All Saints Church Eccleshall, Ringinglow Road, Sheffield S11 7PP.
My 1:1 sessions (Functional Integration) are continuing on Mondays from 11-2pm at The Practice Rooms in Sheffield. I’m observing safe Covid measures for these and will continue to do so for the time being. These 1 hour sessions can be a real benefit to addressing long term issues around stiffness, lack of mobility or poor posture.
I am continuing a small amount of 1:1 sessions online for people who are either isolating or can’t travel into Sheffield to see me. During lockdown, this online work has proven surprisingly successful and I’m delighted that so many people have benefited from gentle encouragement and exploration. Again, if you’re interested in trying this, let me know.
I hope to see you soon – in the meantime, all best wishes for 2022!