Monthly Archives: July 2015

My latest article is published this month

Part of my Feldenkrais practice is working with theatre and dance students in universities. There are around 30 Feldenkrais teachers in the UK who include university teaching as their ongoing work. My article “Teaching the Feldenkrais Method in UK Higher Education performer training” is now published by Taylor & Francis online and you can access it here:…/full/10…/19443927.2015.1043468…

Summer Drop-In Classes

Over July and August there will be two drop in sessions in The Feldenkrais Method. This will be a great opportunity to try out a class and re-discover better, more effective and easier ways of moving. Why is this important? Well, you reduce stress and strain on your joints, find that you can reach, run and balance better than before. How we move affects how we feel about ourselves and often how others see us, so come along and rediscover a new you. Sessions are 10.30-11.30 Saturday 4 July and Saturday 1 August at Breathe Pilates, 85 Clarkehouse Road Sheffield S10 2LG. You can leave your name here