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What is a Feldenkrais teacher?

What is a Feldenkrais teacher? There are about 8,000 teachers of The Feldenkrais Method around the world – not a great number when compared with yoga and Pilates, but to be a Feldenkrais teacher, it does take commitment, dedication and a certain flexibility of mind. Moshe Feldenkrais developed his movement awareness method as an educational system for the mind and body; he wrote extensively about this throughout his life and passed on this knowledge to his students up until his death in 1984. Moshe realised the vital importance of working with the whole body and indeed the whole self in order to achieve lasting, radical change: to be able to teach this, Feldenkrais teachers train for four years on a globally recognised programme in order to understand not only how the body works, but also the nervous system, habitual movement patterns and early childhood development. There are no “quick fixes” although most people can experience radical change after one 45 minute lesson.
So when you go to an accredited Feldenkrais teacher, you can be confident that this person will not force your body into shapes or encourage you to “feel the burn”. You will be respected as an individual whose body has its own unique history. You will also be safe as accredited teachers MUST hold valid public indemnity insurance. All accredited Feldenkrais teachers have access to Advanced Training and many are continually adding to their knowledge as well as writing, researching and publishing. If you are interested in becoming a Feldenkrais teacher, please use this link: