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Feldenkrais for Riders

The Feldenkrais Method uses the structure of the skeleton to help us to move with more ease and efficiently and that is why many people from the world of sport and physical activity find this approach so useful. The professional teachers of the Feldenkrais Method often specialise in working with specific interest groups and one of our most respected Feldenkrais teachers in the UK is Vreni Booth, who specialises in working with riders and horses. (Yes, with the horses too – if you aren’t moving well, your horse will sense that and also become restricted). Last weekend, Vreni was invited to Sheffield to work with a group of riders based in and around the Norton area and I was delighted when Vreni invited me to join her for this weekend workshop. The first day involved the riders working without their horses, exploring easier ways to use the pelvis in order to turn the horse. Everyone got the chance to discover their own ways of moving and also to work in pairs, helping each other to discover just how the legs connect to the pelvis. The day was an enjoyable mix of talking, exploring, discovering pleasant movement and eating fantastic amounts of cake! thumb_DSCN0906_1024 thumb_DSCN0929_1024 thumb_DSCN0938_1024 thumb_DSCN0941_1024 thumb_DSCN0969_1024 thumb_DSCN0981_1024 thumb_DSCN0992_1024 thumb_DSCN1013_1024