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Special Summer Offer

Helping to ease shoulders


20% Off All Sessions During August 2023

Now that the summer is here, I hope you will have more time for a little self-care and I’d like to help you with that. The Feldenkrais Method is a perfect way to re-connect with your body and to ease out tension, stiffness or that general sense of imbalance that comes from poor posture or injury. In a 1:1 session (called Functional Integration) I work with you on specific issues such as back ache, stiff shoulders and neck or poor coordination and misalignment.

During August 2023, I am offering a limited amount of appointments at a special reduced price:

£45 £36 – that’s 20% off!

These appointments will go quickly so don’t hesitate to try out this special treatment for yourself.


Friday 4th August : 12.30; 1.45; 3.00pm

Monday 7th August: 11.15 am; 12.30pm

Monday 14th August: 10.00; 11.15 am; 12.30 pm

Friday 18th August: 12.30; 1.45; 3.00pm

Monday 21st August: 10.00; 11.15 am; 12.30 pm.