Reviews for Online & Live Classes


On behalf of Robert, myself and all of the 2nd and 3rd year students we would like to thank you for visiting us in Lincoln this week.  We have had wonderful feedback from the students and I was told the 2nd years looked like different dancers in their technique class yesterday.
Heather Young – University of Lincoln (Lecturer, Dance)

“Fab class, lovely relaxing pace. Awareness of my body was heightened after the class and I felt incredibly connected to how I felt”
Yoga Show participant

Fascinating Feldenkrais ATM lesson with The Mindful Body this morning. Got me thinking all about movement patterns developed through fear, and the instinctive holding that keeps these patterns in place. Its becoming increasingly clear that my obsessive perfectionism in doing things the absolutely best possible way is a fear developed protective mechanism…I’m shit scared of not being exceptional, so I force myself to be. Feldy has brought me closer to awareness and observation, and I’m quickly learning that there is actually something wonderful in a hyper sensitive nervous system and isolated, discombobulated body parts…and it also leaves me feeling like a fish, which is pretty ace!
Mel Wong,  ATM Class participant

Just a quick note to say thanks for the workshop on Saturday I really enjoyed it and it was worth the journey and incredibly my troublesome left shoulder felt miraculously better yesterday . So I think I will do some of those movements again regularly.
Jason Dolman, Workshop Participant

Thank you Dianne for all you do, much appreciated! I throughly enjoyed both your sessions on Wednesdays and the relaxation class on Monday night means I get to see new faces too. I never liked doing exercise and I never can relax, but with your help that has changed. Thank you again.
Joanne Chadwick, Feldenkrais class Hands on Health

V. comprehensive and enjoyable. This was a very effective starter session. I learnt to carry myself better, to relax and stretch and the importance of movement, listen to your body. How effective gentle but correct exercise can be. I will implement it into my daily routine.  Excellent very enjoyable thank you.
Paul Cox – Doncaster College (Taster session participant)

Feldenkrais has completely changed my life around and I’ve gone from being in such pain all day every day to being pain free 99% of the time, and the other 1% is only when I’ve brought it on myself.Thank you for all your help and for enabling me to be free.
Lesleyanne Jones (ttouch practitioner)

“Excellent class, Dianne is a brilliant teacher and the zoom class was very well done! Will definitely be back! Five Stars!” Francesca – Move GB member.

“Dianne has fantastic ways of getting you to move without realising you’re doing it, and it can be more fun than holding a position for ages”. Katie W – Manager, Hands on Health

“I’m finding the classes really interesting in many ways- Surprised how I can feel the experience of my body movements in the classes and flexibility is improving week by week. Energised however relaxed after a class which continues through the day.” Ann – Nurture Class participant

“My lungs and chest cavity feel significantly freer and expanded. Many thanks!”John – F.I. client

The Feldenkrais Method in the National Press
From time to time, our national newspaper publish articles and interviews on The Method. I post the links to these on my Facebook page The Mindful Body. Here’s a few examples:
The Feldenkrais Method hit the national press in July 2011 with this Daily Express article.

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