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Chatting with Paulette Edwards on Radio Sheffield

I very much enjoyed talking to Paulette Edwards on her radio show today. Paulette has recently recovered from an operation and was interested in taking better care of herself. She was brave enough to try a simple bit of Feldenkrais on live radio! If you would like to listen, you can hear it right here …

BBC Radio Sheffield 28.01.15
If you can tell me what I get Paulette to sing, you can have a free Feldenkrais class!

New discounts for 2015

If you are a member of British Actors Equity or a student in full-time study, you can have a 20% discount on all classes or individual sessions. Current classes are 10.30-11.30 Saturdays at Breathe Pilates in Sheffield and individual sessions are bookable on a flexible basis. Contact me for more details or information.

Winter lift

When the weather is cold and the days feel long, it’s a good thing to open up your chest and breathe deeply – and that is what we did in class today. This month, my Saturday Feldenkrais classes at Breathe Pilates will be focussing on releasing tension in the shoulders, lengthening the front of the body and allowing a feeling of openess and freedom to enter the whole self. We still have space for two more people to come along and join us – drop in or book in advance.

Small moves, big change

January can be a difficult month to get through…dark mornings and all the twinkley Xmas lights have come down. It’s a good time to take extra care of yourself – physically and mentally. No matter how hard those fierce winter winds are buffeting you, take a moment to look up, open your chest and breathe deeply. Relax those hunched shoulders and ease the tension from your neck…small moves can make a big difference to how you feel. This Saturday’s class will focus on breathing and releasing tension in the upper body. If you would like to join us, contact me now.

A word of warning…

At this time of year, people often sign up for a gym membership, determined to get fit and lose weight and to become an all round better person. Can I insert a word of warning here? Whilst I have every respect and understanding for the personnel who work in gyms and leisure centres, they are often over-booked and under pressure to process new customers, with the result that vital questions may be left unasked. If you sign up for ANY programme of exercise or movement, someone should talking to you about your previous experience, your current and past health issues and you should be given clear instructions on using equipment and how to avoid injury. I recently changed my gym and although I have regularly used gym equipment all my adult life and am an accredited Feldenkrais teacher, I would still expect to be given a proper induction and training as well as a warm up before being given heavy weights to lift, then encouraged to work to a maximum capacity on back bends. The trainer involved was a lovely person but I came away worried that her new customers were at the very least in danger of developing bad habits, but -more seriously – were risk of  serious injury. Do not confuse speed and maximum effort with effective and lasting movement training and if an exercise causes pain, stop…please! #️mindful movement.

Small friendly Saturday class

I really enjoyed working with my new Saturday class of people exploring The Feldenkrais Method in our new base in Sheffield. For everyone, it was a chance to unwind those stiff shoulders and necks that had been hunched against the cold January winds! Next Saturday, we will continue to release and relax tension in the upper body. We have room for two more people  in this class – first come, first served.

Only 22 hours to go…

Only 22 hours to go until the new series of re:discover classes start at Breathe Pilates! Looking forward to introducing The Feldenkrais Method to a new group of people…the best way to start the New year!

What are the benefits of The Feldenkrais Method?

The Feldenkrais Method can give you a better understanding of how your body moves and why you may experience pain or difficulty. Each person has their own individual habits in moving through life and some of those habits may be limiting and restrictive. In a Feldenkrais session, you explore simple movement patterns in order to increase your movement capability, ease stiffness and tension. For some people, the classes will be beneficial as a way of releasing and relaxing the body, for others the classes may reveal a whole new way of enjoying movement. Everyone is an individual!

New Year, New Start?

I love New Year – its a chance to begin again, wipe the slate clean and leave behind the habits and attitudes that restrict us. The only problem is gloomy January when the nights are still long and the weather is dull. As an incentive, I’m offering gift vouchers for classes and sessions at a discounted price.  A £10 voucher means two people can attend a class or a £30 voucher can be the gift of a personalised individual session for yourself or someone you care for. Contact me for more details.