Monthly Archives: April 2015

Feldenkrais Symposium at Bath Spa University

On 27 June 2015 I will be part of the team of contributors to a Symposium on The Feldenkrais Method entitled “(re)storing Performance: The Feldenkrais Method and Creative Practice”. The event will be held at Bath Spa University and the day will consist of workshops, lectures, demonstrations and academic papers. 2015 is turning out to be a very busy year for the International Feldenkrais community! Here is a link to the Symposium:

Feldenkrais Awareness Week

From 6-13 May every year Feldenkrais Practitioners all over the world celebrate Moshe Feldenkrais’ birthday by putting on special events, classes and workshops. We all aim to raise awareness of Moshe’s contribution to ideas around mindful movement and a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being. My class on 9th May will be half price for everyone and will include a slice of birthday cake!

Classes for April and May 2015

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely Spring weather, there is nothing like a bit of sunshine to make us all feel more energised!
Saturday classes at Breathe Pilates in Sheffield start again this Saturday from 10.30-11.30. I will run this class for four weeks from 25 April until 16 May and then everyone can have a break for Bank Holiday. We will re-start with another half day workshop on Saturday 30 May from 10.30- 1pm when the theme will be Easier Hips and Elegant Walking.
If you would like to book for Saturday classes, please go to the bookings page. Pay for four classes in advance and the price is £35, single sessions are £9.50. The half day workshop will be £20 or £15 concessions. I give a 20% discount to full-time students, Sheffield Hallam staff, those in receipt of benefit and members of Equity or Musicians Union.

Why does Feldenkrais make you sleepy?

After my recent workshop, someone asked me this question – I thought it might be useful to post my reply here as it is something that often puzzles people. After all, most movements in Feldenkrais class are gentle and rarely aerobic! It’s very common to feel tired after a Feldenkrais class, even though you have been working gently. This is mainly because Feldenkrais is a somatic practice – that is, the mind and body are working together to create new patterns not only for movement but also in the brain itself. Think about a baby’s way of learning: s/he plays with moving an arm for a while, then sleeps. During the sleep, the brain is busy processing what it’s learnt about moving an arm then, when the baby wakes up, s/he might try moving further. It’s all interconnected but there’s a lot of brain activity going on! The patterning we do in Feldenkrais is pretty much the same idea – we experiment with easier movement patterns in order to get out of the adult patterns of stress and effort and rediscover a more natural way of moving. The brain is re-learning and having to discard previous habits and needs to process all this, so sends you a “sleep” message (a bit like the egg timer on your computer). Hopefully, you felt refreshed the following day! You are also right in that if life has been stressful lately, these sessions do give you permission to slow down and maybe realise how much energy you have been expending.

Next Block of re:discover classes

We had a lovely workshop today looking at ways of releasing neck, shoulders and upper body with an interesting set of people, some of whom had travelled from Guildford and from Burton-on-Trent! The next block of four classes will start again on Saturday 25 April at Breathe Pilates. A block of four classes is £35 or £9.50 per session. Go to the bookings page to secure your place.

The importance of rotation

I’m really looking forward to leading my workshop tomorrow on Releasing Neck, Shoulders and Upper Body”. Stiffness and lack of mobility in these areas can result in headaches, poor posture and back pain and it is important to maintain some flexibility here. Unfortunately, our modern lives often ask us to spend long periods looking straight ahead, at a screen, a monitor or through a car windscreen so remember to take some time to twist and turn and check you still have some peripheral vision – it might make you a better driver and it will definitely ward off pain and tension!

Saturday workshop

There are still a couple of places left on this Saturday’s workshop “Releasing Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back” so do let me know if you would like to try this. The workshop is 10.30-1.00 with a break halfway for juice, biscuits and a chat; Feldenkrais practitioners and newcomers to the Feldenkrais Method are equally welcome and I’m sure everyone will enjoy this opportunity to spend a bit more time tuning into their own movement patterns and exploring a greater range of flexibility.
Following the workshop, there will be a chance to try out a one to one session for a special price of £10 for 25 minutes. The advantage of an individual session is that you can discuss specific movement difficulties or challenges with me and we can devise a strategy of easier and more integrated moving. I can only offer three of these sessions this Saturday so if you are interested, please let me know soon!
Hope to see you there!