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Feldenkrais, Creativity & Play

I hold my Functional Integration – Feldenkrais 1:1 – sessions at The Practice Rooms in Sheffield. The Practice Rooms are a network of centres devoted to therapy and counselling and the Sheffield centre is situated in a beautiful large building in a leafy part of the city. Last month, the organisation invited me to contribute to their blog page on the theme of Creativity & Play; here’s the link to my article, I hope you enjoy it! https://emea01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/…

Bath Spa Symposium

On Saturday 27 June there is a one day Symposium all about The Feldenkrais Method and Creative Practice. Speakers and delegates from all over the world will gather at Bath Spa University to share research, classes, performances and discussion. I’m looking forward to heading a panel discussion on the ways that Feldenkrais teachers use the Method in their work with theatre and dance students. Should be an interesting day!