What a wonderful and successful community!

What a fantastic day at the Bath Spa Symposium “re:storing performance. The Feldenkrais Method and Creativity”! Many thanks to Thomas Kampe for organising this, his wonderful team of student Ambassadors who were constantly cheerful, helpful and patient with those attendees who insisted on getting lost and losing things (me). It was also wonderful to hear inspirational talks from Feldenkrais practitioners who work in such varied and specialised areas with muscians, actors, dancers and artists. A special thanks to those colleagues who agreed to be part of my discussion panel and who provided the catlalyst to a lively debate – Kene Igwenou, Victoria Worsley, Robert Vestry, Teresa Brayshaw and O-sel Niyama. Next month sees the publication of the special Feldenkrais edition of “Theatre, Dance and Performance Training” with many interesting contributors and next Spring will see Victoria Worsley’s anticipated publication of “Feldenkrais and The Actor”. It is good to be part of such a rich and thriving community of practice.