Extra Classes during International Feldenkrais Week

Each year, Feldenkrais teachers and practitioners use the anniversary of Moshe Feldenkrais’s birthday (6th May) to put on special events in order to raise awareness of The Feldenkrais Method across the world. I’m joining in with this by adding a series of mini workshops every day from 4-8 May 2020. Here are the details:
Daily:  4th – 7th May from 12 -12.30pm.  Home Office.
Working from home can be a pain in the neck – literally! This short lunch-time session will bring relief as I guide you through some short sequences to release your neck and shoulders.
Mini workshops:
Monday 4th May 6-6.30pm  Ease Your Lower Back
Too much time sitting down? Overdone the gardening? This mini workshop will relax your lower back and help you move more easily.
Tuesday 5th May 6-6.30pm  Release Your Neck and Shoulders.
Tension in the neck and shoulders can restrict all your movement and lead to headaches and a general sense of discomfort. This mini workshop will help you release tense muscles and improve your range of movement.
Wednesday 6th May 6-6.45pm Fully Functional Knees, Feet & Ankles
A short form of this ever popular workshop! Here you will discover how to reduce stress and pain in your knees by improving your flexibility in feet and ankles.
Thursday 7th May 6-6.45pm Happier Hips
Stiffness in your hips affects walking, running and your yoga practice as well as adding to knee strain. This mini workshop will give you a greater sense of flexibility and connection in your pelvis
Friday 8th May 6-6.45pm Moving with your Whole Body
Reconnect with the joy of flexible, integrated movement and lose the creakiness! A lovely way to end your week.
You can book for one or all of these sessions by following my scheduling link here