A happy client!

Here is something a recent client wrote: “I had a wonderfully interesting and brain-boggling FI with The Mindful Body this week, and something Dianne said has stuck with me and got me thinking (uh-oh!) I discovered a very fundamental but not-simple-at-all connection in the bones of my lower body (foot to sitz-bone) and became quite enamoured with it. But then when I moved slightly I felt like I couldn’t find it any more because it didn’t feel the same so I grabbed onto a muscular action that I’ve been ‘trained’ to create. Dianne’s words were ‘Its still there, it hasn’t gone away!’ and lo and behold when I came ‘back’ it was there again. But that’s what hypermobility does to you, you simply can’t always feel those connections so you go to what you know and cling to the ones that you’ve had to develop yourself as a result of getting through and getting on! But thats not a bad thing….because the wonder I felt when I felt my body as it is is incredible, and if we all took moments like that of feeling ourselves as if for the first time instead of looking out there, at them or at that then the possibility is there to make changes. Its incredible what reconnection to the self, or in my case actual connection can do! ‪#‎MelPonder‬”