Class feedback

Last Saturday I ran a class focussing on the Carriage of the Torso. One of my regulars posted this fantastic comment on her Facebook page: “Fascinating Feldenkrais ATM lesson with The Mindful Body this morning. Gots me thinking all about movement patterns developed through fear, and the instinctive holding that keeps these patterns in place. Its becoming increasingly clear that my obsessive perfectionism in doing things the absolutely best possible way is a fear developed protective mechanism…I’m shit scared of not being exceptional, so I force myself to be. Feldy has brought me closer to awareness and observation, and I’m quickly learning that there is actually something wonderful in a hyper sensitive nervous system and isolated, discombobulated body parts…and it also leaves me feeling like a fish, which is pretty ace! ‪#‎MelPonder‬ ‪#‎Feldyfun‬ ‪#‎whoselegsarethese‬